#183 – Lucifer

I am the first of many titles: I-theist, Atheist, heretic, heathen, nihilist, Satan. I am the first of his two sons: The perfect, the unequalled. The son of God. Pushed aside when he remade himself flesh. I, by envy, shook his throne with indignant rage. Branded Ha-Satan and threw aside I fell; And in bitterness dwelt nurturing my darkness. Nameless, I … Continue reading #183 – Lucifer

#182 – An Elegy to Sol

One hundred years I can burn. But, I may only a second more. I reject the Sun we yearn: That which nature warbles to and dotes on. Night descends on the light so bright, And kills its pompousness outright. I hate your attention, O' Father, O' Sun. What glory to be in your shadow. Do you follow? … Continue reading #182 – An Elegy to Sol

#180 – Obscure

Times while sat with eyes blinded by night, With anxiety holding my heart, And my eyes locked towards the ceiling in fright.      The cold now stealing my heat, And the bed now crushing my ear. I have no idea where to start.      My heart is gripped with fear, While I lay, hand raised to the … Continue reading #180 – Obscure

#178 – Church

I wish to walk upon your marble floors, I wish to walk down your golden halls. "O' King who has been praised like no other! Knight me, and take of my sin: cure Me, o' fateful father!" Hold me in your arms, o' salacious mother. The kidney that flushes out the self-induced poisons, With the … Continue reading #178 – Church

#177 – Cranium

I sit upon my throne, Forged with calcium and bone. Sinew as bricks of stone, Shards hard like diamond known. I sit upon my inescapable throne, Trapped by my own bone. A prison hard like stone, Unbreakable; holding what can be known.