Philosophy does not save.

My background is in Philosophy, and I struggled with this for about five years. These TradCaths used to have my sympathy, but they walk with Aristotle stuck in their ears: if you do struggle with Intellectual Paganism, please read Saint Gregory Palamas's Philosophy does not save. On why Orthodox commentators keep using Barlaam as an … Continue reading Philosophy does not save.

On marriage and family life by St John Chrysostom, book review

'On marriage and family life' is a small book which is a collection of Saint John Chrysostom's (349-407AD) Homilies on marriage. It contains a basic introduction to John's life and the Theology and Ethics behind Christian marriage. This introduction is evidently American, and written by someone who still hasn't fully escaped the post-Enlightenment culture of … Continue reading On marriage and family life by St John Chrysostom, book review

#198 – Remembering John Milton

O' Who was it, that man of Stuart Who hid during the Plague nurturing his own To spill forth and express through his poetic Mouth, for his eyes had failed: became a Prophet dictating to his daughters that which Explains the subtle charm of Satan, And God's divine mercy and his Sovereign supreme Justice.  O' what man supported the sword's edge On good Carl's neck, … Continue reading #198 – Remembering John Milton