#200 – If I could

If I could I’d build an empire: Conquer the world, defeat everyone. Have a vast legacy that flows like the Waves against a fisherman’s boat.  If I could I’d explore the universe: See, and feel, and be with all that Is. While I name each and every Vessel, and visit all there is.  If I could I’d ignore all that, Because I am here with you. I wouldn’t … Continue reading #200 – If I could

#199 – What

I hate, but I won't abate. I won't let the tide ebb and Flow against me in what I do. Although, sometimes... I hate everything and Everyone, wanting to push It all aside, crush And smash what's in my way. What is tied can be Undone, and what is cut Is severed for life. Yet … Continue reading #199 – What

#198 – Remembering John Milton

O' Who was it, that man of Stuart Who hid during the Plague nurturing his own To spill forth and express through his poetic Mouth, for his eyes had failed: became a Prophet dictating to his daughters that which Explains the subtle charm of Satan, And God's divine mercy and his Sovereign supreme Justice.  O' what man supported the sword's edge On good Carl's neck, … Continue reading #198 – Remembering John Milton

#195 – Breakfast

Waking up and pushing aside the mist In my eyes. Throwing and smacking frosty water Into my face. Covering my flesh from the morning chill, Placing the glasses over my eyes so I can see. Kettle boiling, warm mist is rising From the landscape and my mug rim. Sipping a brown sugar liquid while Watching … Continue reading #195 – Breakfast

#194 – The running sun

The running man with his four limbs Becoming the sun. Shining fourth his powers through his limbs: The Aryan sun becoming the man. The sun can never set When the sun is the compass Within us: Hail Sol! Hail the heat within That manifests our power and Shines forth to light up the day.