#226 – Spring

By the darling buds of rosy May In a hush I heard you say 'The blooming of my womb I pray Be a path to show our way'.

#222 – Satoko

Beautiful from birth, like a princess Ready for the Matsugae's name and son. Engaged to the Emperor's son, while sleeping With her true love Kiyoaki, she voided him From her womb in two ways. Being unable To bear it she became a nun and prayed ceaselessly Through the lives of the reincarnations of her First … Continue reading #222 – Satoko

#220 – Honda

From a young age your mind Was that of a judge, a logician. Watching your romantic friend die, Washing away his spring snow spirit, Another friend breaking his bowels Like a spurred runaway horse, And another, but this time a love, Mesmerised your eyes with her Tanned thighs, but later died: a poison From a snake … Continue reading #220 – Honda

#218 – Isao

Born to a prominent patriot and Raised as a champion of Kendo. Little did you know that you Were a romantic reborn as a Runaway horse: Power is action, And to truly know is to act. Purple being the colour of corruption While your nation was colourblind. Your dream of the exploding sun behind Eyelids, … Continue reading #218 – Isao