Philosophy does not save.

My background is in Philosophy, and I struggled with this for about five years. These TradCaths used to have my sympathy, but they walk with Aristotle stuck in their ears: if you do struggle with Intellectual Paganism, please read Saint Gregory Palamas's Philosophy does not save. On why Orthodox commentators keep using Barlaam as an … Continue reading Philosophy does not save.

Of Water & the Spirit by Alexander Schmemann, book review

Of Water & the Spirit: A Liturgical study of Baptism by Alexander Schmemann is a Christian book which seeks to bring back the traditional meaning of Baptism by explaining it and its liturgical elements. He traces its origins as a Christian ceremony of re-creation which would be primarily performed and celebrated on Pascha (Easter). The … Continue reading Of Water & the Spirit by Alexander Schmemann, book review

The Orthodox Way by Kallistos Ware, book review 

Bishop Kallistos Wares goes into detail of the different core ways of viewing God and the manifestation of existence in the Eastern Orthodox faith, these are: God as Mystery, God as Trinity, God as Creator, God as Man, God as Spirit, God as Prayer and God as Eternity. Going through all of these sections will give you … Continue reading The Orthodox Way by Kallistos Ware, book review