Liberal Democracy and Might Makes Right

When discussing politics and meta-politics the concept of democracy and power naturally becomes the focus of the conversation. It is often said by those who support democracy (and sometimes even by those people who don't) that it is virtuous for three main reasons. To be clear, when I say Democracy, I mean Liberal Democracy in … Continue reading Liberal Democracy and Might Makes Right

#198 – Remembering John Milton

O' Who was it, that man of Stuart Who hid during the Plague nurturing his own To spill forth and express through his poetic Mouth, for his eyes had failed: became a Prophet dictating to his daughters that which Explains the subtle charm of Satan, And God's divine mercy and his Sovereign supreme Justice.  O' what man supported the sword's edge On good Carl's neck, … Continue reading #198 – Remembering John Milton

God’s mistake – Liberalism and Totalitarianism

When it comes to society and how we construct it we often run into a few issues. Primarily, the problem of politics is where rights do and do not extend; which leads to the discussion on whether taking those rights is ever right. Within modern society Liberalism is the status quo, and with that comes some essential assumptions … Continue reading God’s mistake – Liberalism and Totalitarianism