The sea of fertility by Yukio Mishima, book review

Spring snow or Haru no Yuki in Japanese is Mishima's 1969 novel. The first in his tetralogy known as the Sea of fertility, and extremely late in his writing career. The story is about Kiyoaki Matsugae and his friend Shigekuni Honda. Kiyoaki is the son of an aristocrat which comes from a Samurai family, his … Continue reading The sea of fertility by Yukio Mishima, book review

1984 by George Orwell, book review

Warning: review contains SPOILERS! Concerning George Orwell's novel '1984': The thing that I loved about the novel was that after room 101 Winston was empty and somewhat retarded in the sense that he found it hard to think, remember and also to figure things out. This for me suggests that he had been in room … Continue reading 1984 by George Orwell, book review

Conversations of Socrates by Xenophon, book review 

Other than Plato's work, this is the other main source for the man Socrates and his philosophy. This book contains four books about Socrates, which is the complete works of Xenophon on the subject of Socrates. The first book is Socrates' Defence which is what he did and said before his execution, it is far … Continue reading Conversations of Socrates by Xenophon, book review