#191 – Boredom

Boredom makes the strongest weak: Base desires, self-destruction we seek. What can we do when our heart is wrapped in boredom? And when she you lust is dressed in boredom? Indulge, just for a single stupid fleeting moment, Ruin your life and what you built. Was it worth it? No, but you'd do it again; … Continue reading #191 – Boredom

#190 – Who I am

I live so no one else can die. I am so I am who I am. I am beyond death because there is no I. I lay beyond death so I cannot die. I am death as I killed death by death. I am life for death cannot conquer I. Trampling down death by death, … Continue reading #190 – Who I am

#186 – On marriage and children

Suffering and virtue mixed with the seed: Fornication and obligation, Onwards we breed. She walked hand in hand with heavy womb; Pollinated - the legacy escapes the tomb, And onwards we bloom. A weight, a burden, a physical prospect. A lightened mental load, A burden made lighter by the day. The liege, heir apparent reigning upon its subject. The new-born with the world to mould, … Continue reading #186 – On marriage and children

#184 – An invocation to the Satanic spirit

I invoke the Satanic spirit and rebellious nature. The gift of Prometheus and the chaotic sphere. I keep the black flame blazing to illuminate the void. Order, categories, forged by the mind to morph reality Towards my aim. Lucifer, o' great and sovereign light, my Father, my Sun: the burning, blazing, beating heart of one. Aware of the concepts I place on … Continue reading #184 – An invocation to the Satanic spirit