#192 – Cold weather

Let's have a celebration To celebrate the night, The cold delight Of seeing frost and ice.  Covered houses, covered flesh. A native gene and phenotype to love The cold and covered people. This is within me.  The cold, the frost, The early mist, my rolled-up sleeves. The painful breath in, The smoking whispers out. For a thousand years This cold has run through my veins and For a thousand more It shall remain and reign.  So, let's … Continue reading #192 – Cold weather

John Milton’s Arianism and Theodicy in Paradise Lost.

Cover photo of Saint George - (1) Chapter one. Milton in context of his time: I will begin by putting the author into context of his time, so when I come to talk about the Philosophical problems contained within his text the reader will already be informed of what kind of writer he was, (2) … Continue reading John Milton’s Arianism and Theodicy in Paradise Lost.

#191 – Boredom

Boredom makes the strongest weak: Base desires, self-destruction we seek. What can we do when our heart is wrapped in boredom? And when she you lust is dressed in boredom? Indulge, just for a single stupid fleeting moment, Ruin your life and what you built. Was it worth it? No, but you'd do it again; … Continue reading #191 – Boredom