#217 – Kiyoaki

From an aristocratic family of samurai, Fully aware you're the poison That will kill the dignity of your roots. Trapped in the oscillation betwixt nihilism And romantic idealism, you acted And claimed that which was Always yours except now: by doing so you Betrayed your entire heritage. Falling ill like the fall of the Spring … Continue reading #217 – Kiyoaki

Spring snow by Yukio Mishima, book review

Spring snow or Haru no Yuki in Japanese is Mishima's 1969 novel. The first in his tetralogy known as the Sea of fertility, and extremely late in his writing career. The story is about Kiyoaki Matsugae and his friend Shigekuni Honda. Kiyoaki is the son of an aristocrat which comes from a Samurai family, his … Continue reading Spring snow by Yukio Mishima, book review