To try again

On a cold evening of February, Elizabeth left her house with a flustered face. The young lady blistered away from the home with a face dominated with blushes, and red patches of rage across the cheeks, with such a grave expression of melancholy and emotional turmoil that you would assume she was late for a … Continue reading To try again

The Serpent of Ljus – Chapter III.

Two months passed, each day filled with reading, random little adventures and the occasional letter from Janus, speaking of his anticipation for her birthday and their re-unitement. Sweet written words of adoration and hope for the future, even reading his mere ink on the pages, she could not help but blush at the attention and affection … Continue reading The Serpent of Ljus – Chapter III.

A quiet voice, or the virtue of finding one’s voice.

Chapter one - Escaping the nest: In a small room, bare and Spartan, this is interrupted by the walls, on these walls rests notes and small scraps of paper with drawings and paintings on them. They are of everything and anything; buildings, flowers, animals, hands, faces, abstractions and none-sensical depictions of emotions. These are raw … Continue reading A quiet voice, or the virtue of finding one’s voice.