The Schizophrenia of Feminist thinking.

If we are to listen to these incoherent beta males and failed female feminists, we are told to conclude that women have been systematically oppressed by men, and by the male oriented system such men have built. Well, let's use an example to explore the feminist ideology and how it deals with the two sides … Continue reading The Schizophrenia of Feminist thinking.

Political Correctness is Evil.

Political correctness is something which has been growing expansively, especially within our modern times where anything less Left-Wing than Communism is seen as the most extreme form of Racially based Right-wing-ism. I have often heard while in debate or just friendly conversation that political correctness is not dangerous, sometimes it is nonsense or absurd, but … Continue reading Political Correctness is Evil.

Trump’s ‘Muslim’ ban is Obama’s.

So the media around the world is going crazy about President Trump's 'Islamophobic Muslim ban'. This is rubbish. The ban is a 120 day ban on immigrants from nations which have the highest proportion of Islamic terrorism, and the person who decided which countries are the most dangerous was Ex-president Obama. '[T]he same seven countries … Continue reading Trump’s ‘Muslim’ ban is Obama’s.