On suffering and writing

Hello dear readers, About two or three years ago I wrote an article called 'On Writing', Where I expressed how and why I write: because it was natural inclination for me, and also was a way of becoming better according to what I wanted to be and become. It seems to me that while rereading … Continue reading On suffering and writing

A comment on the state of nature

Hello dear reader, I recently came across Marcher Cavalier's video On Liberal Anthropology, it was an interesting YouTube video on the state of nature and how the enlightenment has viewed such a concept, and also pointing out some flaws in those arguments put forward by Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau. I enjoyed the video so much … Continue reading A comment on the state of nature

#203 – Remembering Yukio Mishima

Death and Night and Blood Ran through the veins of Kimitake. Wearing a death mask of confessions, He oscillated between the crying boy after his Writings had been burned by his father, Which he had crafted by his grandmother's Deathbed, and the strong man Who disembowelled himself for the Honour of the Sun-God: the Emperor. Not … Continue reading #203 – Remembering Yukio Mishima

My article has came third in most read of January Counter-Currents.com

Dear reader, Counter-Currents.com just released its newsletter for January, and it turns out that my article 'Goodbye Mr. White Guy' was the third most read article of January on the site, with 4063 views! This is my second article for them, and this is my first in the top 20. The Newsletter is here: https://www.counter-currents.com/2019/02/the-counter-currents-newsletter-january-2018/Continue reading My article has came third in most read of January Counter-Currents.com